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Conférence audiovisuelle
Workwellness programs

ConsciousNutrition provides Wellness services to companies that are looking to create a healthier and more productive work model that reduces absenteeism at work, improves health and well-being, motivation, corporate image, etc.

Tasse de thé
Nutritional re-education

Changing habits involves not only learning to eat healthy, but also spending time discovering who you are, learning to manage your emotions so that you don't do it through food, and connecting with yourself.

After several personalized sessions, you will be empowered to making better dietary decisions to meet your health needs.

Chaussures de course
Sports nutrition 

Whatever your current sports and eating habits are, I offer you a personalized plan after careful evaluation of your specific needs to progress in sport maintaining health and preventing potential health risks.

Les enfants des bulles
Kids - nutritional advise for kids, family and schools 

Personalized advice for children, schools and families. Conferences for students, teachers and parents.

Review of the nutritional part of the menu, the consumption of each food group and the preparation.

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